Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blinkers on.

So it's real late at night and Im thinking of turning in. Another night follows another day where nothing happens. I said to my sister earlier in the day, 'people would be amazed at just how little I can bare doing in a day'. I mean seriously I can go long drawn out periods of time where I achieve and do absolutely nothing.

Been doing it for years. My sisters the same. Once I came home to her asleep in the hallway on a Saturday afternoon. She'd dragged the matress into the hallway cos it made her feel comfortable. I dig this. I get it. She had not done nothing......She'd dragged the mattress out of the bedroom before lying down on it and then done nothing.

Look closely.

Point being yeh? The night came to a close, I logged onto the wrong website where I find a live stream to a radio show in The Goulbourn Valley. Two guys are absolutely slaying it. I thought to myself, 'hello, bed's a little way off'. What a journey. Half way through the radio show Im prompted to ring about this. Check the second clip they have posted 'According to Plan'.

Fuck me. Then picture me. I haven't done a THING all day.

It was and always is worthit. Always worth hangin in there and putting the blinkers on. Something always happens.

The Wilderness

Oh fuck yeh. The wilderness. The best thing about coming in from it is just that. Coming in.

Firstly check this.... Burger Schnitzel Ninja.

We here at smiley mcslidey generally dislike a song that maybe percived as taking the piss out of itself. Maybe they are...maybe they're not. The thing is when the package is this fucking good you dont care. And that's the trick. If you are gunna make music that doesnt take itself too seriously, then make it fucking good. Make the music counterpoint to the lyrics or viceaversa.

I head bang and I head bang hard to this.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stretch and wretch

That's right winter is here and she is loud in our ears and warm with her work.

Listen here every morning. Your hips will rotate. Your love will radiate. The early bird catches one mother fucker of a worm.

I cant believe something so good is so new. It's fuck off good and Im gettin on the Jamieson's. For good. Mow me lawns ya bastard. Yes you. Mow me fuckin lawns.