Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Zu, Circular Keys

This Saturday night I would like you to attend this at our place.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sat night Gravy

Our first ever Sat night graveyard. In my opinion we started on real shaky ground. I mean this was Saturday night and we'd come to help you party. Thing is, the weather was fuckin awful and the party had been cancelled. You know? So we had our sea legs on. The Party Show, that 3RRR institution was having an intellectual conversation about gay marriage and what not, so the scene wasnt exactly set to get ya rocks off. I mean, listening back the first hour reflects just how unsure we were of oursleves and Ive come to love it! It's like throwing a birthday for yourself and at 10pm there's only Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men turned up and youre thinking, doesnt matter what I do from here. Im not popular. Then Grimes comes on and Bombed Village said, shit we should play some Robert Palmer after this (not thinking we had any) and BAM! I pull Looking for Clues out of my back pocket and we never looked back. All of a sudden a heap of cunts have crashed the joint, knicked ya ma's jewerelly and youre just feeding cheezels on the floor to whoever will take them. Thanks Robbie. The party kinda lost it's shit and we kinda came too around 4.53 with Sleep's Dopesmoker, dried drool on our chins, nude on the couch except for shoes. Thinking shit was gunna get real fucked up I started to dress only for Pre Fab Sprout to right all the previous wrongs.... When I went back to the house yesterday that really nice dude was still there sweeping the same pile of rubble...He wasnt even blinking. Just sweeping. Still. Check it

Tuesday, May 1, 2012