Friday, October 30, 2009

Remember This?

Ma, remember that party we went to and a car fell out of a tree?

I drove down a street today that i've driven down before. Back then it was 1000kms away. Yeah, seen it before.

Remember this? Isaw Isoon does. He saw a bunyip that day. Or am I getting mixed up with my Aunties 21st? Same thing.

TV's on. Sons and Daughters. Must be time for bed.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


You might find you need a soundtrack. You might find you dont. Whatever you do find, will be determined by this work and not the other way around. If I could offer one piece of advice to the artist it would be....paint a fawn. Please paint me and BV a fawn to hang in our workshop. This goes beyond what most art does for me and Bombed Village. If you must know his name....It's Shannon Smiley, Simpson Desert, Shiskabob Rally.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Echo Echo

Listen to this when you are thinking of what to do with your life. I am always thinking and coming up with new ideas of what to do with my life. I have many new ideas. They become old ideas very quickly and I wonder if it's because I have the ideas while Im listening to music such as this where I go...yeh everything is gunna work out just fine. It's christmas soon. Ill get heaps of pressies. I love the water. I love tennis. I love white wine.

And then...the song finishes and all my thoughts and ideas become void. So I yell out to BV to hit play again. And boom...I love planes that are high up in the sky. I have back pain but it's fine. I am going to write. I love that new carpet. Let's open a milk bar and sell records. I have the best ideas and none of them ever work. I love ideas.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Drag your post

Instead of being chained to a cannon ball or whatever the fuck it is they normally chain a man too, this dude from Killingore WA came and offered me and Bombed Village a night chained to a post. Of course we said sick, and so he drove us to the old Staple Warehouse in the south of Melbourne, Australia and chained us to a post.

Bombed Village being highly attuned to his surroundings noticed it was one of those posts that you used to aim for in the boat when you went fishing with your pa. Pa would always say 'aim for the post, that little white thing with a black tip out over yonder'. You couldn't see the fuckin thing so just steered in the general direction, until your pa yelled out again, 'The post... Aim for the fuckin post'

Anyway thats what we were chained to and after an hour and a half, we started to panic that what we had paid $17 for each was nothing but a hoax. The man had disappeared and we were left chained to a distant post drudged up from a far away memory. What a sham!

Getting sleepy and hearing dawn kick in outside the Staple Warehouse, I nudged BV and said can you hear that? A light tapping merged with a singular note. It grew stronger and stronger. BV new it!

'It's, it's....It's....', he stammered

'Something old.' said I.

Something old and smelling like loungerooms.

We slept soundly chained to our post.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Easy tiger

Mmmmmm....Im listening to it now and typing in time with the slow grooves that are comin out of my tin can. Oh mighty people, listen and let your soul slink away from you. Dont go grab it, just let it go man.

Just let it go.

Thats right, it's Monday morning and I can promise you this week good things are comin to you. Fuck your star signs, it's Time For Dreams.

Pistols down.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Get your canary out.

It's true, alot of the time smiley mcslidey are fixing lawnmowers, scrounging loose change from the floor of the workshop to go get greasy haircuts that only make our life harder. But there is time here, generally on a Friday afternoon when something significant is about to happen, where we just put our tools down, our feet up and crank the blissed out tunes. Bombed Village always gets his canary out and it just tweets along.

"It makes all the scrounging worthwhile, doesnt it BV?"

He cant here a thing, just this.

If you dont mind upmire

Yeh so much has been going on here at smiley mcslidey. Wow! Bombed Village has been fixing his car and Ive been smoking bees. Really full on. This one time Bombed Village got himeslf in a real tangle under the bonnet and he called me! That was full on. I went around there. He had his radio on and once we got the leaf out of the speaker we heard this. We did nothing for the rest of the day, save smoking a little of the stuff that was meant for the bees. Try it. Try it while you listen to her.

Never said we were leading from the front.

Don't think they even exist anymore. It's this kinda low-aspirational fuzzy shit that makes us tick, albeit very slowly, here at smiley mcslidey. And when I say low aspirational, dont go and buy yourself a drink and think to yourself, that's why I am where I am in life, because I take the high road...No. Do not do that you fuckwit. Go and buy yourself a dirty old cape, put it on, and at the very least, pretend you are very stoned and right in front of the band on a Tuesday night and home isn't what you thought it was. That's what we mean by low-aspirational. Highly inspirational.