Thursday, June 16, 2011

Men in my laundry

I am not the first to dream about this lady nor will I be the last.

Everyone always says, oh I cant believe you havent seen the Blues Brothers, oh you havent seen Lynch's masterpiece?
What? You mean you havent heard The Stone Roses? Where have you been?

Ive been getting ready.

The time hasnt been right for me.
But now that time is right. And so Ive been swallowed up whole by Twin Peaks.

And everything you already know and have had happen to you is now happening to me.
Ill post things you've already thought about. Already done. But they are only just happening to me.
Bombed Village said it will destroy me in one way and save me in another.

Very apt BV. Each night I get home, I eat, I domesticate and then I get into bed and put it on.

I watch it like a child does TV for the first time. I vanish only to be confronted with myself as the credits roll away
and that Lynch/Frost logo cracks onto my screen. Carefully, I pull back the covers and head down the hallway praying i dont see anyone crouched in my laundry as I march to the bathroom.

Back in bed I prepare myself for my dreams.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't do it

I don't care if it's about to be the year 2000.
New century. Bombed village's backyard in his new joint in St kilda.
A couple of English birds the bike courier introduced you too, who may
or may not have taken a shine to you. I don't care what the situation is.

I don't care if you just shouted down the phone to ya mate in Scotland who
is 10 hrs behind you and you've had ya mind blown by the different timezones in
the world. Nah. I don't care.

It's not on. Just cos noone was on the mic (what the hell was a microphone doing
in the backyard with the stereo) and the music had momentarily stopped. I don't care about the reefer you just took in makin you feel so good. I don't care if they'd just played a an appropriate track. You do absolutely NOT get on that mic and pronounce to all and sundry gathered there to see in a new century that you think you sound like Chuck D and/or the dude from SNAP. You do not do that!! Especially if you are not 100% sure you have the words to such a well loved tune exactly correct.

Was it a coincidence the English birds with the low boobs took off after it happened?
We'll never know. But we've got a fair idea.

Base. How low can you go?
Death road. Water buffalo

Want to get back is the impenetrable.
The ryhyme animal. The incredible.

Peace. Public enemy number 1
5 volts and freeze and I got none.

And I said that a brother never had a gun.
But it's the wax that the terminator x spun

(After getting most of the last two lines almost entirely correct
and giving yourself a shot at some cohesion and audience/performer interaction
it's imperative you keep such flow going, as opposed to skipping 3 more verses
and cutting in with the only two other lines you know)

Black is back all in we're gunna win. Check it out.
Yeh boy (was that supposed to be Flavour Fav?)
Here we go again.

Turn it up
Bring the noise.

Insert record scratching noises that double as a squirrel being violated.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple Simon

Sometimes i think life would be simpler If I stopped talking.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Catch a moment in time - Mocky (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Piece Work

2 Star Motel - The Steinbecks - at Home and Abroad With The Steinbecks

Letter From a Lifeboat - The Sugargliders - We're all Trying to Get There

Too Young - Eagle and the Worm - Good Times

Transdermal Celebration - Ween - Quebec

California - Low - The Great Destroyer

Drone Machine - Grand Rapids - CDR

Thought Ballune - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - CDR

Break Free Ya Mind - Matt Sonic and the High Times - Break Free Ya Mind

Maladjusted Child - Blue Cheer - What Doesnt Kill You

Charisma - Kiss - Dynasty

Too School for School - Cassanovas - 7"

Cosmic Flash - Billy Green - Stone

Carnage Visors - The Cure - Carnage Visors

Other Voices - The Cure - Faith

Horoscope - No Zu - New Age

The Eternal - Joy Division - Closer

Mr Alphabet Says - The Glove - Blue Sunshine

Silver-Blue - Thurston Moore - Trees Outside The Academy

Benediction - Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

Total Trash - Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

Puke and Cry - Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind

Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills - Midnight Boom

Flooded - Von Sudenfed - Tromatic Reflexxions

Very First Century - Damn Dogs - CDR

You on the Run - The Black Angels - Directions to See A Ghost

The Disease - Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven up Here

Black Hearted Love - PJ Harvey and John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By

Plains - Wye Oak - Civillian

Aura Flame - Kit and Con - CDR

This Weight - Big Scary - Sampler

No Time For Games - Midnight Oil - Bird Noises

Space Shuttle - INXS - 7"

Here Comes II -INXS -7"

Streets of Your Town - The Go-Betweens -16 Lovers Lane

Apetite - Pre Fab Sprout - Steve Mcqueen

Frankie Teardrop - Suicide - Suicide

Channel - Nile Delta - CDR

A Cave - Shelley Short - The Cave, The Canoe

Daddy Problems - Collarbones - Beaman Park

Oh Yeh - Jim Patterson - CDR

Love Wont Wait - Machine Translations - Seven

Quicksand - David Bowie - Hunky Dory

Dominoes - Syd Barrett - Barrett

Need You Now - Cut Copy (Architecture in Helsinki remix) - CDR

Chasing After Deer - Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther

Tried and True - Ween -Quebec

My Cloud - Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX - We're New Here

Charlie Darwin - The Low Anthem - Smapler

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We doin the Graveyard early Thursday morning.
RRR FM 102.7 FM 2am - 6am

Im gunna play the Bee Gees before they got all shiny.

Arctic Blast

I see the young lass in my rearview mirror
licking her chops. She cant stop. She's unaware
she's even licking them. Her tongue's a lizard
testing out the windchill factor, going back inside
only to stick it's head out again and make sure the reading it got was right.

Cant be.

Yep, is.

Naaaa, cant be that cold.

Yep is.




No way!

Yep. 'Tis

She reaches into her backpack and pulls out mittens.
Not fingerless gloves. Fully hand sewn mittens. Not even
with finger shapes. Hand socks.

Light goes green. I drive off and hit DUAL on the
heater. In the mirror I see her in her Katmandu get-up
and that little lizard still checking the temperature.

Holy shit. This is cold.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Cure

Ive got to write this really quickly.
On Tuesday night Bombed Village and I flew up to Sydney
on Tiger airlines. Herded like chickens onto the smallest plane ever built where a decidedly disinterested lepricorn mumbled safety instructions at us.

We wouldnt have it any other way.

We flew to Sydney. Leaving Melbourne. One city was wonderful, the other miserable.
We loved both of them.

Went to the worst part of Sydney, found the dodgiest pub and drank some of their watery
brew. Snaffled a B.L.A.T. with old chips. Wonderful. Went to our accommodation. 3 English kids slept in the dorm and had made it their own. Lynx was in the air and only served to make the dorm smell worse. NB: Lynx does not make bad smells vanish. It makes them worse. So deal with the bad smell first, then use Lynx.

Left accommodation. Traveled by train to the Opera House. Sat inside and watched The Cure play their first 3 albums. Amazing. Ive got shivers, as I recall it. I didnt have shivers then. We just watched and studied. Everything. Robert Smith amazed us with his skills and it seemed for a moment even he was taken back all 33 years to a different time and place, pre-make up, pre bed-hair and we watched and listened intently as his voice told of his different emotions. Letting us decide what they were. Love, whizzing past too fast to slow down.

The band were amazing, in that they werent. Very few tricks. Sometimes it looked like they wished they'd never recorded a particular song and grimaced at playing it. Sometimes they looked and felt like they'd only ever written that song, and that it was enough for a lifetime.

Heaps of other stuff happened. But like I say...I gotta be quick. Me kids asleep on the front doorstep and when he wakes I have to have sausages ready.

I love Sydney. I love The Cure. I love Tiger airlines. If you're into paying homage, then this was a night spent learning how to do it properly. Dont. Just play.

We're really really glad we went.

And now we dont have any money.