Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suck it

Last week finished on a massive high that came to naught. Me and BV goin crazy at the shop. Touching the walls and sayin ooooooaaaa bossie dont they just feel so good. We'd cruise around from room to room saying shit like, mate we are gunna be rollin in it. Let's go out and spend some cash mate. We've got heaps in reserve, and plenty comin in.

Friday came, we kept it really quiet cos we knewwwwwwwwwww that Saturday was gunna be massive. Just texting and shit.

Satdee came and mate, we got busy, mowing lawns, cleaning showers and shit. Prep. Then the arvo and into the night. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge wasnt it?

Wasnt it? Wassie wozzles? Wassie a wasnut?


Ohhhhhhhh my god. Done it again. We missed the fuckin boat again bossie. We missed the call and there was only one. Im starting to think this is what we want. The TAB, the lomond, old fairies dancing in the wind.....

And Monday night I roll up to the shop to fix a door on an old Mazda and low and behold guess who's got the blinds up and laying spread eagled on the floor?


Monday, September 27, 2010

Consumed- a live animation

'Consumed' showing at SMR (124 Nicholson St East Brunswick)
Consumed- a live animation' will be staged over seven days in a shopfront in Brunswick. Ten artists will each take over the space, divided equally into a studio and 'display' space, for (all, or a portion of) the 24 hours allotted to them. The left hand window in the shop front will be a back lit display space, or screen, and the right hand side will be a work space.

Taking down the previous installation and building up the next work will be recorded and edited to make ‘stop motion’ animated film. As each addition or subtraction will be recorded, the process and duration of the work will be part of the final outcome. The projects will be partially recorded by the audience and the artist, as well as by two fixed 'surveillance’ type cameras, creating multiple points of view on the project. The audience will be able to observe the display and the production from outside, or enter and observe it being made. If invited by the artists, the audience could make suggestions or comments or even participate in the manufacture or installation.

The work will be mostly produced on-site and installed on, behind, or in front of, the screen in the evening when viewing will be optimal. The work produced could be envisioned in a way that creates a time based experience through more than just recording the action of installing it.

The project explores the boundaries between audience and the artist, cycles of production and consumption, point of view, as well as notions of open source collaboration offline and online. Although each individual project will only survive for 24 hours, the resulting footage of all the projects will be made into a stop motion film that additionally incorporates the manufacturing processes and multiple view points. The film will be available online and potentially exhibited or added to though future events.

The event will run from the 3rd of October to the 10th of October. A presentation of the film is scheduled for later in the year at West Wing Gallery in the CBD.

The participating artists are
Olivia Pintos-Lopez
Emma Van Leest
Madeleine Griffith artist, art director and model maker
Hannah Bertram
Holly McNaught
Isobel Knowles
Van Sowerwine
Ghost Patrol
Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart

definitions of consumed: destroy or expend by use; use up. eat or drink up; devour.
3. to destroy, as by decomposition or burning: Fire consumed the forest.
4. to spend (money, time, etc.) wastefully. absorb; engross: consumed with curiosity undergo destruction; waste away. use or use up consumer goods.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Banana passionfruit

Yeh mate...Its the westerly mate. Nothin day at school. Get home. Throw ya bag down...Smash a milo...Nothin means anything mate. You cant feel ya soul mate. Ya know ya will but right now the tips of ya fingers are thawin out and everything that happens is like a memory.

Soooooooo....You head down to the far corner of your backyard and hang a piss mate. All over the banana passionfruit...

Tuesday. This day has got Tuesday written all over it.

Guitar lesson at 4.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Who fuckin told you you could tell me what to do?

Theyre wrong mate. You cant and if you do I wont.

So everyone's running around saying no to me. Dont touch that. It's hot. Be careful mate. That's hot. This'll jam your fingers.

Mate. Ive had it. Im 11 months old and Ive had it. Ill touch what I want when I want.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here fridgey fridgey fridge

I feel free mate.... like a bird. Every spring one song glistens and heralds the summer that is to come....

There's been some hefty decisions going on round this here shop I tell you what.

And it seems that now spring is chancing its arm, decisions are somewhat easier to decide.

It's been a brutal winter....Can I get a witness?

Oh yeh sure, we are in the southern hemisphere and way up north you all live in darkness for 9 months of the year and your motors snap freeze every morning and your kids where big boots to school and your windows need to be double glazed and your horses maine's are crystalised and you all sneak big cups of soup with your hands cupped around the mug and toboggins are all the rage, riding is difficult, glaciers are common, lakes are frozen - not just grass, people have beards, but......

We lost a fridge and some potplants and we'll probably never see them again.

Here fridgey fridgey fridge...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silence? Silennnnnnnnce???

If i vanish one day its because ive gone looking for these guys.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flip charts

Oh boss i'm so pissed off with those little cunts and their buckets. Dogs they are mate. Dogs. It's that shit that makes me real torn as to what to do. Still. Give me cash mate and i'm yours. Oh what. You betcha.

I'll nut out a time boss and we'll sit down with our flip charts