Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here fridgey fridgey fridge

I feel free mate.... like a bird. Every spring one song glistens and heralds the summer that is to come....

There's been some hefty decisions going on round this here shop I tell you what.

And it seems that now spring is chancing its arm, decisions are somewhat easier to decide.

It's been a brutal winter....Can I get a witness?

Oh yeh sure, we are in the southern hemisphere and way up north you all live in darkness for 9 months of the year and your motors snap freeze every morning and your kids where big boots to school and your windows need to be double glazed and your horses maine's are crystalised and you all sneak big cups of soup with your hands cupped around the mug and toboggins are all the rage, riding is difficult, glaciers are common, lakes are frozen - not just grass, people have beards, but......

We lost a fridge and some potplants and we'll probably never see them again.

Here fridgey fridgey fridge...

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