Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't do it

I don't care if it's about to be the year 2000.
New century. Bombed village's backyard in his new joint in St kilda.
A couple of English birds the bike courier introduced you too, who may
or may not have taken a shine to you. I don't care what the situation is.

I don't care if you just shouted down the phone to ya mate in Scotland who
is 10 hrs behind you and you've had ya mind blown by the different timezones in
the world. Nah. I don't care.

It's not on. Just cos noone was on the mic (what the hell was a microphone doing
in the backyard with the stereo) and the music had momentarily stopped. I don't care about the reefer you just took in makin you feel so good. I don't care if they'd just played a an appropriate track. You do absolutely NOT get on that mic and pronounce to all and sundry gathered there to see in a new century that you think you sound like Chuck D and/or the dude from SNAP. You do not do that!! Especially if you are not 100% sure you have the words to such a well loved tune exactly correct.

Was it a coincidence the English birds with the low boobs took off after it happened?
We'll never know. But we've got a fair idea.

Base. How low can you go?
Death road. Water buffalo

Want to get back is the impenetrable.
The ryhyme animal. The incredible.

Peace. Public enemy number 1
5 volts and freeze and I got none.

And I said that a brother never had a gun.
But it's the wax that the terminator x spun

(After getting most of the last two lines almost entirely correct
and giving yourself a shot at some cohesion and audience/performer interaction
it's imperative you keep such flow going, as opposed to skipping 3 more verses
and cutting in with the only two other lines you know)

Black is back all in we're gunna win. Check it out.
Yeh boy (was that supposed to be Flavour Fav?)
Here we go again.

Turn it up
Bring the noise.

Insert record scratching noises that double as a squirrel being violated.

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