Thursday, June 16, 2011

Men in my laundry

I am not the first to dream about this lady nor will I be the last.

Everyone always says, oh I cant believe you havent seen the Blues Brothers, oh you havent seen Lynch's masterpiece?
What? You mean you havent heard The Stone Roses? Where have you been?

Ive been getting ready.

The time hasnt been right for me.
But now that time is right. And so Ive been swallowed up whole by Twin Peaks.

And everything you already know and have had happen to you is now happening to me.
Ill post things you've already thought about. Already done. But they are only just happening to me.
Bombed Village said it will destroy me in one way and save me in another.

Very apt BV. Each night I get home, I eat, I domesticate and then I get into bed and put it on.

I watch it like a child does TV for the first time. I vanish only to be confronted with myself as the credits roll away
and that Lynch/Frost logo cracks onto my screen. Carefully, I pull back the covers and head down the hallway praying i dont see anyone crouched in my laundry as I march to the bathroom.

Back in bed I prepare myself for my dreams.

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