Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Echo Echo

Listen to this when you are thinking of what to do with your life. I am always thinking and coming up with new ideas of what to do with my life. I have many new ideas. They become old ideas very quickly and I wonder if it's because I have the ideas while Im listening to music such as this where I go...yeh everything is gunna work out just fine. It's christmas soon. Ill get heaps of pressies. I love the water. I love tennis. I love white wine.

And then...the song finishes and all my thoughts and ideas become void. So I yell out to BV to hit play again. And boom...I love planes that are high up in the sky. I have back pain but it's fine. I am going to write. I love that new carpet. Let's open a milk bar and sell records. I have the best ideas and none of them ever work. I love ideas.


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