Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Night Little Bear.

Apparently you can be feeling things without knowing it...Not, for example, being stuck with a fork and not noticing, although this is possible, but rather.....Being sad and thinking you are happy. Hello little bear. Im writing. Quiet time for Isaw Isonn. He's writing. Good night bear.

Anyway as I was saying...Fuck it ive lost it again..Oh yeh Im going to the pub to get shitfaced. Is that what I was saying? Or was I saying something about the way I feel. BV? Oh he's no good, he's at the pub to. Bear....?

Bear always pops his head in just when you're making progress. Going somewhere. As I was saying I saw the movie Tenderness. It's a confused piece of motion picture with a psycopath at the centre of it who....Oh bear..Goodnight!

To the pub.

Check it. You on the run..

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