Wednesday, December 1, 2010

City kid

Ahhhh mate. I did the very early part of my teens in Surrey Hills. Middle class, oak trees, acorns, safe, bar the odd flasher.
Anyways Ma and Pa said it was time to move further out...Read: our cash flow dried up. Dad was a dumb cunt.

Anyways....we headed out to Montrose. All I knew was that it was at the bottom of a mountain. Shit. Sticks and shit. The full on country they had me thinking.

School was Mooroolbark High. Piece a piss mate I thought. Small country school. Maybe 7 kids or something. In total!! I was from the city.
In the city it's a pity cos you just cant hide but in the country mate...well Id be a star.

Those kids'd be swarming round me asking me where'd ya get ya jeans mate? Oooooo I never seen them kinda shoes before...

And I'd ruffle the tops of their ginger heads and say it's "Ive never seen those sort of shoes before run along
and play with your string and bottle."

This was gunna be one sweet move....Finally Ill have the space to maneuver that will allow my personality to shine.

Go fuck yaself Box Hill Tech and your rampant bullying behind those sheds. That's right...John Prangley, Burnt Sausage....
Your dark deeds wont effect me any longer...Im headed to the country to enlighten some peoples.

First day at me new school....

Mum and I couldnt open me combo lock in the locker bay. I told ma to piss off..She did. I wept.

Late to home-class, walked in. Got called pizza face.

School was bigger than me previous one, geographically and population-wise.

No one asked or cared about my clothes. And the Public Enemy badge that ma had sewed onto a see through black t shirt copped the most shit of all.

Still had 5 years to go.

City betcha

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