Thursday, April 14, 2011

His hair. His skin.

At times I panicked. At others, he panicked.

Occasionally we both panicked at the same time.

Sometimes you think, we have got this totally under control.
But control's a funny thing. It just means uncontrollable is right around the corner.

Sometimes you see a mate who's a builder, with his eco cup walking out into the same
damp morning you've just stepped into... and you realise that this lack of sleep over the past year
IS making for a fragmented, splintered life.

Look at his shorts we said. His hair. His skin. Everything is so clean.
Mr Builder flashes an amazing set of whites at us and says to us both, right on cue. Fuck I just had an amazing sleep boys.
Ooo Roo

You get in your car, you think fuck..I gotta make some adjustments. I do. I really do.
But by the time you're home, and this happens every time, you fuck that mate.

You can keep your amazing sleep. I just had a wicked fuckin time.

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