Friday, August 12, 2011

Am I going to have a car crash?

Im sitting here and it's late on a Friday night and I used
to get all party on my arse at this time but today has been different and I feel
all emotional. Dont I?

So today started by going to see something that made me all wobbly. Didnt it?
I bought a coffee and started crying when the man handed it to me. He just looked at me
and I looked at his giant lobes.

Then I got to work and I moved thousands of boxes from one place to another
and then once Id moved them I moved them all back and my fingers were all dusty werent they?

And then I felt like Id completed a number of large tasks both physical and mental didnt I?

And then I put this on.
And now I feel like Im going to have a car crash on my way home dont I?

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