Thursday, September 1, 2011


The smorning I wondered at our insistence on differentiating between the
fork and the the spoon/fork or spork.

Is this necessary? Does the little bit of spoon in the fork
actually aid the eating of food? Are there certain foods one might choose
a spork over a fork or does it just come down to which one comes out of the

If you pull a spork out but were intending upon a fork do you really go back through
the drawer and acquire a fork? Or do you stay with the spork?

Or if you pulled out a fork but had in mind to utilise a spork do you hunt
down said spork or just think, fuck it, a fork will do? And if you are the latter,
what food is it that so requires a spork?

In short: Is it necessary to differentiate in name between
the fork and spork, if so, why?

For the record....although I find the term spork comical, Im happy to call both
utensils forks and alternate their use between foods.

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