Sunday, October 2, 2011


Watched the footy. Drank some cans with Silence.
Went home bathed some kids and BV rang up and said
why not come out with him?

He picked us up from 7/11 and we hotfooted it to soul night.
Soul music is shit. I dont wanna get happy when Im dancing and
happiness whilst dancing is not conducive to finding someone to dance with or around.

It's like exercise where people head off on their own trip and get all blissed
out at the beats. So soul music as enticing as it sounds is not mine, nor BV's and barely Silence's bag....

I want down and dirty. Get down low and leap frog ya way into the pasture. It's a competition to see who can get the lowest. Probably BV...but let's all try.

Got home at a reasonable hour, BV showed me one...just one bloody old mate from high school on Facespace who shagged it over to Dublin and 2 hours later I snapped out of my daze with a snickers on my chest staring at some Musleena Mary Consarda who'd got married in Israel and was kissing her baby boy.

Fuckin Faceneck mate. A dangerous old place to be if you aint immune to the past and all its trappins

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