Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So now you have officially met both components of smiley mcslidey. Bombed Village it seems is a changed man. Twice! For those who haven't seen him, his hair is all ratty, he's not eaten for days it would appear and he only wakes at night, giving him a somewhat pale complexion. Other than that he's the same old Bombed Village he's always been...He loves it like this.

As for my self...I am out of patience. I cant wait any longer. I've been standing at the same bus shelter for....I wont say. But the bus has not come and I now firmly believe it wont come. Years of waiting will do that to a person. So instead Im walking to Hadenvale. Im fucked if I can remember why Im headed there but it's the one piece of information Ive been able to retain and Im blowed if Im going to fuck that up.

The Count of Monte Cristo occupies me and I am learning from its pages on how to mess with those that have messed with you. That is to say....take time with your schemes. Years even... I for ins...

Wait! My god the bus! Sweet Jesus the 361 to Hadenvale!! Speak later.

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