Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Shit. Ive got this weird thing where me thigh goes 'pulse' and me neck goes 'snap'. One after the other. Any ideas? Is that common?

I mean I been away as BV mighta told ya and I saw some serious shit.

Real fat people who live up north mate and barely move except for takin the odd photo.

I saw blokes wearing lime green who were so god damn sinister after just two beers I feared for my life and my body.

Oh yeh I was talkin to pricks who said they couldnt understand a word I was fuckin saying.

Oh yeh, I mean I had people who'd named themselves after sesame street characters who had so much fuzz on their face I couldnt see the wood for the trees.

Thats right I saw young men so desperate for affection they'd spend every evening with each other. And they want Isaw Isonn to feel bad for 'em else they wanna punch me lights out? No fuckin way mate. Not I. I just pay me fine and move on.

Oh so ya did your fuckin knee did ya? Right when you was about to be drafted? Didnt we all....Havent we all had a late night with Timmy and he told us he'd never forget us?

Come here...come in real close porky fuzzface and listen....Not only did he forget who or what you are...he never wanted to be there in the first place...he just had to collect his cash.

Pulse...Snap...There it goes again.

Look forward to getting back into our workshop. BV said it's a mess.

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