Friday, January 29, 2010


"Yeah just park her in there... Pleeeenty of room. Just watch the Kelvinator. That's it. Nose it in a little further so the door will shut... yeah mate, it's automatic." Less than 10 seconds later we were sitting in my neighbours garden across the street. The Toyota Crown is a write off!!! And the old Kelvinator... well you know how bloody strong those things are... the door's been ripped clean off it! "Shit mate, what happened?!?!" I'm not gonna name names but me mates gettin old that's all. Well that and we'd just been listening to this. He was all spooked out. All frazzled and you should of seen his boots!! They were always gonna get stuck, weren't they?!

I can't replace the old Toyota Crown or the Kelvinator but by golly i'm gonna get myself a new roller door for the shed - yeah mate, one that's automatic.

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  1. Awww fuckin what? I got me some crazy memories comin up..Chirnside Park backstreet? Hoisted up on a rock and the Hornet revvin its guts out?