Monday, June 21, 2010

Hulls and Sails

Hey mate.

Oh hi. You still workin with yachts?

Yes mate. Everyday. What we do is yachts. All day everyday. Anything to do with yachts is our business. Yachts mate. It's what we do.

Ahhh ok mate. Good to know. Im in need of a sail. Can ya help me?

No mate. Sails we dont do.

Oh. Ok. Id have thought sails were a major part of the yacht business no?

Yes mate.

What yes?

Yes they are a major part of the yacht business but we dont touch them. No money in sails mate.

Right then. Well, I tell ya what, smashed a huge hole in me hull on Sundee mate. and I was wondering if you..

We dont touch hulls mate.

No hulls?


No sails?

Uh uh. Sails and hulls mate we dont touch..

I seeeeee.....You ahhhhh..sorry mate...Im not sure where to go next?

Anything to do with yachts mate. Go ahead. We are your first port of call....

Ummm. We have a bunk down below in the sleeping quarters that could use a new rung in the ladder?

Done and dusted mate. New rung in ladder leading to top bunk, done. Yachts mate. You gotta love em.

Yessss. Listen, could you recommend anyone to take a look at the hull and sail?

Ooooooooaa, that's a toughy champ. You could try 'Hulls and Sails' in the city...Might be able to help ya out.

Hulls and sails ey? Yep. Ill give them a go. Maybe Ill hold off on the ladder champ.

Oh...Sure. Rung on ladder on hold...Sure.


Ahhh nothing, just sort of seems like you extracted the information you needed from me to get your yacht fixed and then shut me down with the whole ladder thing and Im....well. Never mind. Just feel a little....


Yeh...Used, confused. You name it. I feel it.


Nope not sad.

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