Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clicky on this

When you've gone here, take the round button to about the middle of the thingy. Actually just a little to the right on the thingy. So you're just right of centre, yeh? Right. You should be hearing some kind of tune with an oboe - like thingy cruising out over the upstrum of a reggae sounding guitar peace. Just chillin yeh? Got it?

Right. Well just wait for the drop. Sounds like Stevie Wonder just fumbled his way over to the high hats, found his sticks on his seat and said rotate on this. Then this mother of all funky things drops in and you are away. Just like I was on Sunday night.

Love to say I found it. That Im that into records mate, and Ive got hundreds of them
outback that I collect when I go on junketts overseas, all I do is spend time in record stores yaddayaddayadda...Well I dont. I spend most of my time in air conditioned plazas.

So I rely on others to do that shit for me. And Im all the richer for it.

This be one of the deffest jams I ever wish to hear in my Subarau. Made me speakers sound awesome. Listen to me...This be one of the deffest ja.....

I still have never bought my own pair of undies.


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