Friday, May 20, 2011

Snappy Tom

Once Bombed Village was so hard up for cash when he was living on the south side that he took his Big Muff
into a pawn shop and asked for $50. She said 'I give you $20'

He'd paid over a hunge for it.

$50. It wasnt a question.

$20. Her's was an answer.

BV had a mates cat to feed who wasnt gunna see out the week
if she didnt get some Snappy Tom and fast, but he himself was weak
with hunger and hadnt seen the bottom of a chip packet for a few days.

He slammed his fist down on the counter and saw the poor frightened rabbit's
look in her eyes. Another junkie in desperate need? No. Nothing like it.

BV backed right off and tried to lighten the mood. Whipped his Big Muff out of his knapsack
and placed it on the table. Slowly, she opened the till, wrote out a little receipt and handed him the $20.

Bombed Village took it. He walked over to Coles and bought 4 cans of Snappy Tom, I lie, 5 cans of No Name cat food
a packet of Cheese and Onion chips and a small coke. Wobbled his way back home, sat on his couch and schemed a million schemes to make some more cash.


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