Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feel so good

Yesterday I felt so good. Like, clear as a ninja must do before he strikes at the very heart of his enemy. It was amazing. I was officially in the zone. Today? Different story. Im in the zone alright but it's the same zone I hit when at high school on a winters day trying to swallow algebra. Im fucked. Alert as a hippo. Nimble as dying fly.

The other night coming home from work I heard this voice over the airwaves and I remembered a trip I did to the centre 11 years ago and I had it all planned out down to the cordial Id packed for various stages of dehydration. It was gunna be sick. Two hours in and the am radio started to pack it in so it was time to make the switch to cassettes. Each carefully thought out for different landscapes. Yee fuckin hah!

................?.........? Oh my god Id forgotten the cassettes. A mad scramble inside doors/gloveboxes and consoles coughed one tape up. The Dingoes. And I listened to it back to front from The Grampions to Alice Springs. When I hear this voice now Im fucked. I love it.

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