Monday, August 24, 2009

People who choose to believe you have nothing better to do....

Oh why dont you go fuck yaself ya fat prick. Get your own way there. Cook your own fucking food. Fuck ya. You said you wanted to go the hotel so that's where youre going. No.....Bad luck.

Lookout This redeemed most of what took place today. This and salt and pepper squid and a few brews on a Monday night.

But I tell ya what....The traffic was fucked and I spent an entire day, infact Ive spent an entire month or two with people who are the equivalent of babies. 'Oooh I shit my pants can you clean it for me?'

'Yes certainly sir. Would your wife like me to drive her to the movies during or after ive cleaned your nappy? Certainly sir. Thankyou. It's no trouble at all.'

But then when you hear guitars and songs that are so muddled up only to burst forth with hooks like this you think to know what...?

Im glad you sir are a small child that shits itself and needs its hand held. Cos then I get to keep songs like this to myself and all you can do is get fatter and fatter on seared tuna......

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