Friday, May 7, 2010

Cash or carry?

I like it mate...It looks good on you. Promise.

Well Im in the mafia and me two mates are in the business of sellin land and truffles respectively. They both do a bang up job too I should say. Everyone does what they are supposed too and they do it well.

Had a weekend away from the burbs and went coastal mate. Shit. It was massive. I lost me way on the dogs mate and spat out more than I could afford too...Oh me mates? They lost big too mate. All tryin to get ahead if ya know what I mean...

But there were positives too ya know? Like we didnt touch a single vegie, I ate low grade snags all weekend. And our old mates....? Yeh mate they were there and they loved it all. We talked, danced, poured a quicky over me head early in the night to get things started, BV just tracked it all from the sidelines and then jumped in for a quick sidestep...Silence? Yeh mate, he'd done his homework and gave as good as he got. Very solid Silence.

Turns out mate we may have gone a little harder than we thought for I snaffled a little too much muddy mud mud cake and was swaying like a fish on the ride home. Quiet as a mouse I tells ya. BV and Silence cackling like grasshoppers about their early morning plans....

Ughhhhh mate Im just gettin sicker and sicker at this point and resign meself to the dunny, pants down and let a toxic little number pass through me lips...All hell broke loss and I was left on me own.

Jumped into bed...pulled the covers over me head and had a quiet but diligent Chunny Chun Der just to me left... Pants Down Mcgee...

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