Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shifting Shadow

Im very emotional today. Weak at the knees as though someone has a big bag of dry cotton wool they are about to cover me in and scribble on recycled paper with an old dried out posca....Frightened.

I didnt want to go to work today. The 'shifting shadow' is about and it's my turn to lay low...and I know it. But I, unlike Sam Pickles cant deal with the waiting, and the knowing. I prefer to pretend that times like these dont exist until they do....And they do, whether figments of an imagination or whether as real as the shadow they cast....

A long time ago our friend Shinny Two Shoes bought this round to our garage and said, 'check the bit where she holds that note into the next line' We checked it alright. We had no work, no prospects, no cash, no prospects and certainly no cash but we checked it and NOW it's the first thing we put on in our workshop...Our workshop that works that is....It's a great thing to see ya mate come up to ya and say this does it for me and then to go back to him and say it did it for us too....

Years ago....Fuckin years ago mate. What? Am I crying...?

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