Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No one sees me.

In the rush I have been left behind. My greatest fear. No one is looking back to see if I am coming, which I am not. I am too unorganised to be on this trip. I havent the boots for it. I havent the equipment and all my peers are trekking off ahead with their can openers, lilos, and mosquito nets. Mummy only packed me explorers and my asthma pump. Mummy?

Jesus, she is miles away. I cant even tell if we are in the same state. I remember crossing a large river that came up to our doors and that may as well have been the border.

The teacher is a right cow and little do either of us know Ill catch her purely by accident later this weekend in an uncompromising position, that wont do my relationship with her any good at all.

I am truly fucked.

Up ahead, friends are making friends and organising who's to sleep in whose tent whilst I am on my knees desperately trying to lengthen the straps on my back pack. Ive possibly soiled myself after one to many m&m's on the bustrip and my wallet is wet from my cordial bottle (NB: not my canteen) leaking slowly from Wangaratta (the last time I used it). Oh, even my church going friend who's supposedly trained for this very moment of selflessness is making plans with Gus the snail to team up for the lilo run. He saw me in trouble and thought....fuck it mate. I aint touchin that! I do not blame him. He paid for that later on.

I sleep in a tent seeped in spew with a man as trustworthy as a fart. I am cold. My sleeping bag would not zip up in the dark. I resolve to make it through to dawn. Asthma has set in, whether due to stress or cold who can say?

The great outdoors is an understatement. I am truly fucked out here with these people whom I am to spend the next 6 years getting to know.

Dawn breaks with me hanging on to a sapling above the 'pit' taking care of business. Sapling says 'fuck you mate. I want nothing to do with you' and snaps, leaving me to crab walk my way over an entire camps shit to safety. I look around to see who saw Isaww......

Noone as far as I can tell. And that's just the problem. No one sees me.

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