Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The inner workings of a bakery...

A touching thought-piece from Silence. Go ahead Silence.....

I find most things to be somewhat disappointing. Not heartbreakingly or tragically so, most things I experience are simply not quite enough.

I tried to remember my earliest disappointment, attempted to track the origin of my unfulfilled search for satisfaction, and there it was........ Playschool.

Everytime one of those overexcited grown ups told me it was time to look through the ‘windows’ I would feel the excitement building. ’Which window will it be today?

To be completely honest I didn’t give a shit, it was what was on the other side that mattered to me, the unseen, the inspiration, the potential life changing experience. Every single time I had faith in the window to change my day, my life.

But every single time I was let down, left feeling cheated, bored, unsure. Except this one time when ‘they’ revealed to me the inner workings of a bakery. This is what I wanted, needed.

This is what keeps me searching...........

Searching in Silence.

Well Silence....It would seem you have too have experienced the heartache of promise? And at such an early age....My friend, you are an optimist yes? Ahhhhh how often BV and myself have uttered the phrase...'Oooooo optimism why do you taunt us so?' Silence you are welcome within these four walls whenever it doth suit you. Here you will find BV on his kness, hash-pipe betwixt gums and my good self chapping at the bit...We've succumbed to madness and it flows through our veins like love doth an empty heart.

All hail people......The god of unleavened bread is upon us blessing and cursing us with his manna from on high.

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