Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bet your donkey on it

I worked on this job once right?

There was this dude who fucked me over continually so bad by getting me to do the shittest and most impossible jobs that he could find.

Why the instant dislike of me? I mulled it over and over as I carried ancient oak desks up flights and flights of stairs on my lonesome......

I mulled for days. Back breaking days end on end.

Then I stopped mulling it over.

I started mulling something else over and over in my head.

How could I get this man back so bad that he would never want to encounter me again...Hard labour does strange things to even the purest of hearts :0

Sometimes you just have to come out and say to someone who is keeping you down 'excuse me sir/madam but Im not sure if you realised, but your actions are making my life very difficult and Id appreciate a change in your behavior. Thanks for your understanding.'

Then there are other times where one must, absolutely must come up with a plan that is so conceited that it would disappoint your own mother if you were to tell her.

Now it's true..No one reads this blog. No one ever will....But I came up with a plan to bring down my man. It involved two screws, a screwdriver, an expensive desk and a phonecall. And for those of you who lack imagination...NO I did not hurt his person....I did not lay a finger on it.....

I did something that I.....that I......(giggle giggle giggle. BVs cackin himself)

I taught him not to assume that those working under us are under us.

Did he learn from it? Doubt it.

Did I? Bet your donkey I did

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