Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello mate.

Hello mate.

How are you mate?

Very good thanks mate. How are you mate?

Yes very good mate. Thanks mate. How are you?

Good thanks mate. Thanks mate. Ahhhh....Listen last night I saw a women in a singlet gripping a can of lager and ahhhh...Listen mate. It was cold. A wind with a severe chill in it was a howlin and a blowin...Bringing the boots of cars down onto the heads of men no less...

Jesus mate. And you say she was only in a singlet?

Yes mate. Scared the pants right offa me mate....She was ahhhh inquiring as to the whereabouts of Bell St mate?

Yes mate? Go on...

Well mate I told her she was miles off and she gruffed at me mate.


Yep...Straight at me mate. Gruff. So I pointed out the bend she needed to round and off she mosied mate as if it were a summers night down at the boulevard. Her forehead angry as a dwarf...

Mate. That night was cold I tells ya...

Yes mate. I remember.

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