Friday, July 2, 2010

Lick a snake cake

Finished it all of with a kit kat mate..

A kit kat?

Yep mate. Now me guts is full of all sorts a goodies. Ooooo mate. A
little capernicus, a little jimmy ju ju and the mother of all

Oh Isaw Isonn you are a gator raple.

BV? What you say giddy gie gie?

Licky what chap?

Say bout me widdy woo wup?

Oh mate I say to you mate about your guts within.

Oh I am sorry Bivvy Whacknow. I thought you do make a sample mate...

A sample of the good one Simmy?

Simmy. Ha! Beauty Form.

I know I couldnt believe it mate. Straight before my eyes. Like a snake.

Jisu! Like a snake.

Lick a snake cake. Make me one.

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