Friday, July 9, 2010

My little terrier.

Ok mate....


Ive got $3.83 right?


I need meat and cheese yeh?


So....Im walkin down the aisles yeh?

Uh huh. Go on.



And I grab stewing meat for $1.80 (urgent sale needed). Meat is on the blue side.

I see.

And then I spot Kraft Singles, but they arent Kraft at all....on special for kids bones....$0.90....

Done mate.

You'd think so....In the distance glowing like a rock I spot the mother of all bargains....Cheese and meat combined.



Shags! I never. What did you do?

I dropped me singles and steak to the floor and pounced upon my own.

By own you mean rissoles with a cheese center?

Never a truer word spoken my friend.


I took them home where upon the cooker I did place and burnt them to a crisp lest there be an infection amongst their numbers...


And my little terrier...I ate them center and all.

The quality?

Terrible my friend. The cheese was that of a young boys sneeze and the meat was telling lies.

How so?

It were not meat at all but something built of glue.

Oh Shags....

Oh my little buddy.

(Long pause.)

cash grab?

Let's do it.

Cash grab!

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