Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Enough with the memories already.

Quit with the hello I grew up in so and so and this is what shaped me..

Im back listening to Radio National with the occasional flick over to a certain
commercial top 1000 countdown when 621 get's a little 'now let's cross to Margaret in
the tiny town of Libelsack and here how a 62 year old artist has made a living off making art from.......peoples rubbish!'

So it seems Ive calmed down just a fraction.
Enough at least to quit with the memories and get just a little bit more focused.

Ps Margaret, the man you're focusing on is not well. That's why he's 250km's from Coober Pedy. Ask his wife...She's never been happier since he moved away and started making gnomes out of tin.

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