Friday, March 4, 2011


Ok....I moved into a place called Montrose at 13 yrs of age. A couple of nice dudes gave me the tour on BMX.

We were on a main rd next to a fire station. My new front fence was covered in ivy and we had a woodpile in the front yard.
The front yard was pretty big and I fancied the whole neighbourhood would at various times drop in on me
playing ball, splitting logs, frolicking....

On this particular day, the day of the BMX tour we rolled up to my joint, Ma was frolicking and Pa was splitting wood.
Silence was dreaming and Sister were coming out of the house. Front doors opened onto the verandah...Video Hits playing.
Rage had been and gone. Genisis' Rain was playing, very emotional, of course.....but then this followed.

And it werent so much the ominous skies in the clip or the overly tortured rain dance of the skinny fella,
nor the bunyips prancing around (although this provided much allure) It was the straight out proposition of
asking someone what their reaction would be to them being followed by...well by the asker. That's what nailed me.

I left Pa out front to split wood, Ma to entertain the bike boys, Silence to watch for finches and Sister as she were.

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