Wednesday, March 2, 2011


At my school there was a raft of girls who just happened to be super sexy and older. They were the year above me. That is until they were kept down. Presumably due to their intellect and/or work ethic. Probably work ethic to be honest.

Becky. Tina. Stacey. Nat.... They were all one to me. They chewed gum, twirled it, thought I was cute, but pashed dudes named Les and Will and I think they had some sort of base in Mansfield...

One time, Becky wore leopard skin tights on free dress day. She had olive skin, red lips, a fringe, chubby cheeks and wore a Sebastian Bach t shirt. I could not, no matter what i did break into her consciousness.

She had a walkmen in one playtime and in a rare moment of boldness I asked what it was she was listening too. I was bold BECAUSE I needed to know.

She whipped the headphones off, chewed a couple of times, lent in close, placed them on my head without a word and as she hit play her leopard skin tights brushed my hand. They were skin fucking tight. Like cold lino on a hot summers day.

The first thing I heard was one of the sexiest voices I ever did hear to this day sing:

'I gotta know tonight...if youre alone tonight.'

I wanted in. I wanted to get to Mansfield. I wanted Les to initiate me immediately into whatever club it was he was in. I wanted to smoke.

It was the start of a very difficult time for me....

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