Monday, November 7, 2011


Tell me why you think it is?

Me and my 3 mates did these things amongst other things.

1. Did a poo in a court designed for a new estate. No houses around. No witnesses. Nothing, 'cept mapped out driveways and weeds...It was a Tuesday night about 9.47pm

Did a poo in the Yarra and watched as our mate tried to swim away from it.

Ate pizzas out of the Pizza Hut bin way before it was popular and it had nothing to do with avoiding waste. We'd come-a-cropper of $1.15 for a stick of garlic bread. Instead of doing the sensible thing and finding that $1.15 we searched for the unthinkable. Bin-bread. And when we found then unfindable, we did the unthinkable. We ate it. It was filthy.

Knocked on a random door and yelled at the poor woman who opened it and then sped off
only to get rung by the police and bought down to the station for questioning. Let off on account of the police deeming the prank to senseless to be charged with an offense. Ill always remember that sergeants disgust and my lack of shame. I wanted to say to him, hey....this is definitely my fault, but dont blame me.

I cant make sense of any of it from this vantage point yet it all seems perfectly reasonable....still. Intuitively.

Sexually frustrated? Delinquency? A product of bad parenting?
Nope. Not at all. We all come from fine families. Not particularly visionary families but loving ones all the same. Actually upon reflection possibly the first option holds a little water....but still Im pretty sure the reason is.....

We grew up in Mooroolbark.

I know...I know you all have similar stories of getting detention for weeing in a bin in P13 but did everyone have the same senselessness pervading every act and every thought behind every act? And if so, do you still connect with that sense of senselessness? And if yes....then why dont you tell me about it? Why when I say to you I spent Saturday night at a 7/11 and enjoyed it, why do you look at me like Im a fuckwit? I had a really good night.

Which is it? Me or you?

Please. Is it me or you?

Oh dear. Like I say. It's my fault but dont blame me.

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