Saturday, November 26, 2011


I dont know about you but every time I walk into the cinema, I walk out of it a different person.
It started with Back to the Future, walked out Michael J Fox...Ive walked out as a dude who just sunk in the ice
after my gorgeous girlfriend opted to let go of my hand, Ive walked out as the gorgeous girl who opted to let go of my spunky
boyfriends hand cos he'd frozen to death.

Ive asked for my hair to be cut exactly as Fox's only to be told mine was to thick, but they could work on my brother's do....
Ive run flat knacker down a street after seeing basketball diaries to see if I could summon some junky tears, and I almost got their.
Knelt down in a sandpit and looked up at the sky and screamed the incomprehensible as I hear the news my beloved's taken her own life back in the ci....

Hang on....It's just Michael J Fox and Leonardo I do this with..What the? I cant think of when else Ive done it?
I think I love them. Both. And I dont care if it's skinny Leo or chubby Leo. I love him, So lay off him you gu...

I digress.

What Im saying is this: Im highly affected by what Im seeing and hearing from one minute to the next.

So Im sorry for the last post.

Im alright now.

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