Friday, November 11, 2011

Potato Cakes

Potato cakes. Ive eaten old ones and enjoyed them.
Ive eaten them straight out of the deep-frier and had a great time.

Ive put soy sauce on them and really wished they wouldnt end.
Ive over sauced them with tomato sauce and still found something to enjoy.

Ive licked down over 8 in one sitting at St Andrew's market whilst being so stoned
the whole world felt it was on a tilt.

Ive dribbled vinegar over them only for it to soak through the bag and just loved it.

Ive rung up Bombed Village and said do you wanna hook up just under the Westgate
and have a bag? He says yes and we do.

I had it bad at TAFE. I was knockin back hash-pipes and inhaling potato cakes in every

There's a photo of me asleep on the train, Lilydale line and I look like a
mentally ill beached whale.

So it came time for me to pull my head in. No more brown little bags for fatty.
Held back on the Toobs and Egg Flip Big M's as well.

And all Im sayin is......every day is a fight. Ive taken to the whole cafe thing. How can you not
when they are everywhere? Yes please, Ill have the ham off the bone with goats cheese roll with
special sauce, or maybe Ill have the 2 minute duck eggs and a side of pork belly.....whatever...

All I really want, all i ever think about are potato cakes. Eating them in the car park of wherever I
bought em. I know where every milk bar is in my area and I know what they serve. I keep a photo
of me as the beached whale laminated in my wallet when I get weak and walk in one. I eye em off.
I can tell right away how long theyve been there and how old the oil they were cooked in was.

I love them even when other people dont. Potato hard in the middle, crispy batter, soggy batter, it dont matter to me.

I fuckin love em.

Im going to get one now.

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