Monday, January 16, 2012


Listen Weather Im ahhhh...really sorry bout how I lost it yesterday.
I was just so tired and couldnt see the light at the end of the you know what.

I feel bad. Especially as I can see you're trying.
It's just that I have these strong feelings that overwhelm me
and they flip on themselves so quickly before I realise Ive lost it. You know?

Know what I mean?

Kinda like when you are all hot and summery
and shit and then maybe bam! you've started a shrubbery fire that's got way out of hand
and then you think, shit, sorry, here Ill sprinkle a little rain before that shrubbery is no more...

That's kinda what happened. I cant promise I wont do it again, but I will keep in mind that
we're all human (except you) and we are just trying to get by yeh?

Sorry mate. Feel bad.

Thanks for today anyway. Have a nice day.
(maybe drop the hot northerly if poss by the time I gotta ride home)

Us xxx

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