Monday, January 16, 2012

Take me back home- an email exchange

Morning boss.

What's the name and whereabouts of your kids childcare mate?
Gott get mine in for a day here and there.


Oh morning mate

Gee, first day back… Depressing mate. Even the sun don’t help…

OK, so my kids care is Chimneys – it’s a part of the Uni just up over Bright St on Nicholson St. Mate I don’t know how it fairs in the big scheme of things but it seems ok. We did a lot of investigating and checked out a bunch of joints and found it was the best one we saw… Me kid accepts it but doesn’t really like it – I don’t know if that’s a sign or if kids don’t like child care in general…? Sometimes I wonder if she could tell me how she feels she’d just say ‘the place sucks dad’. But you know what it’s like mate when you’re a kid… You end up in the strangest places and there’s nothing you can do about it hey…

Perfect. Thanks bossie.

Not just as a an adult too mate.
Life is one long time of being stuck in places
you dont want to be in and cant get out of.

Basically whenever we see our mums
we are saying ...get me out of here.



Boss I’ve been thinking about the whole concept this morning heading to work… Strangest morning I’ve had in years… Dropping me kid off where she doesn’t want to be and then heading to a place I don’t want to be… The wind, the sun made it all crazy. A typical first day back at school. So lonely mate.

I was with me mum on the weekend checking out beds for me little kid… I nearly turned around to her and said forget the bed for the kid ma – I want one – take me back home.

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