Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Party Crashes

Hi everyone. It's 2012. We've been on hiatus which is just finishing up now.
Been lovely, most of it. Some of it, we just thought to ourselves....gee we have to get out.
See the night life. But then the weather turns on you, just when you're turning towards it.

Or someone fails sleep school. Or the laundry is in such a state that if you were to go out...
You'd be betraying your laundry.

Or you think, Ill get everyone together to let off a little steam.
That never works.

Or you think, Ill start up a business where we hire ourselves out
to dance at parties. You think of a motto even...

'From Croydon to Caulfield, birthdays to bashes we are the party crashes.'

And you ring up BV and tell him about the idea. You had it on the way down to the beach
whilst Vega was hitting its straps, window down, pale arm getting red in the still hot, low sun....

It's hard to get ahead. Isnt it? Hard to get your ideas off the ground....So many of them. Some of them terrible.
Some grand. I mean you just end up pouring a whisky and tending to the laundry...don't you?

Dont you?

I do.

It's very nice to be back. Really really nice.
Hello everyone.

From SMR

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