Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boneless Fish

"I cant do this no more BV. We need a bit of luck."

BV is busy making one of his delicious sandwiches which is his way of saying I aint listening to you Isaw Isonn.

"Pull yaself together."

I know what he means too. I have to.

He brings his plate over to me and offers me one of his salmon sangas. I take one and pull open the sandwich and begin by deboning the salmon.

Why do fish have bones BV? Do they really need them? I mean....they don't walk do they? They just swim about in water and god knows Ive seen people without bones who have had serious accidents and shit getting around in water without bones so why cant a fish?

Bombed Village looks up from his rabbit plate and I just know Ive got him. Ive stumped him! He spits out his salmon roll and raises his eyes towards mine. I can see him smiling even before he's started.

"Of course! Why didn't we think of this sooner? A fish without bones?! It'll be massive boss! Fuckin massive. All those kids who are scared of fish cos they've got so many bones in them and then BOOM!.... along comes smiley mcslidey with a boneless fish. He'd look so cute wobbling through the water without his bones, and then he gives a little tug on your line, you reel him up and bang goes nanna...wack him in your sandwich. Light on the bones, so you can slam it down fast.

We are fucking genius.

I'm spending up big BV. Real big. This is guaranteed.

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