Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fresh outta cash.

'BV....BV! For god's sake get your head out of that bin. We've got work to do. Did you know we havent made a cent for over three years and everything we've bought in that time we've paid for in tin? Jesus man it just occurred to me that we should start charging money for fixing peoples things when they bring them into this god forsaken workshop.....'

'What's wrong Isaw?'

'I lost alot of money yesterday BV. '

BV walked over to me very quietly knowing what my last comment meant and how broken I really was and he said very gently....

'So did I did I.'

He meandered over to the ghettoblaster which had stopped working since we had our power cut. He pulled out 6 of the fat batteries from the dresser draw nearby and inserted them into his face. I mean into the boombox. He looked at me like he was gunna jump, and flicked the switch.

'Never learned in being sad', he said.....

Sad sad snaffle...

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