Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rule of chicken

I'm baking mate. Constantly got headaches cos I cant get shit done. The heat is abnormal and intense and my chickens are starting to peck at each others chests! One's got a pink bald spot where he used to have feathers.

So BV suggested we invite him for a cup of tea. You know....get him out of the kitchen and away from the trouble. So we three are sitting there enjoying a nice cup of caffeine free tea when all of a sudden it dawns on me....Remember when at school you'd spot the dork and out of the compassion of your own good heart you'd reach out to that dork and his chess board and say hey wanna play tiggy? His face'd light up and all of a sudden the world and all it's stars aligned and everything was illuminated.

The game of tiggy ensued and your other mates would be quietly destroyed that you'd bought Loren into the fold. Why not let him just lean against his locker so we can throw apples at him Isaw? You're fucking with the natural order of things....

But Isaw Isonn out of the goodness of his own heart thought differently...

Anyhow as the game of tiggy ensued, you started to watch it all go askew..Loren would say something obtuse and you'd laugh as if he was being ironic. Next, Loren would make some weird animal noise when he was it! Now it's all you can do to not hurl an apple at the stupid cunt yourself. Fuck me Loren I'm giving you a shot here and you re impersonating a mia cat! it is with the chicken my friend.. The lesson we learnt here at smiley mcslidey was to not fuck with the natural order of things, plucked chicken breast or no plucked chicken breast.

Best leave it alone.

BV.... Watcha gunna play for me today?


Let's get loaded! Chicken..your shout!

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