Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh that's very nice indeed....

Me neck's gone snap. Did it this morning in the shower...Ooooooo what a pity. What a shame!

Two Voltarin down and the rest of me body is completely chilled but me neck....? Na mate it's pingin off its head! Threatin to blow out all together.

Rode to the workshop this morning and hit three parked cars, one old cat and a roadworks dude. Cant look up.

When I get there BV says, mate why's ya noggin flip flappin like that?

Cos I cant find a nice comfy spot for it to rest, I tell him while I stare at the oil slick in front of me.

You want some salami? BV's always got the goods.

Hell yeah biscotti! Dried and old?

Dried and old Isaw. Dried and old...

Oh that's very nice indeed....



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