Monday, March 1, 2010

Trapped by traffic

Hey mate. I woke up angry this morning. Like day three of a hangover but nothing's past these lips. Nothin but cheese and mustard.

I'm furious at the fuckin keys that wont hang up like they should.

The fuckin dishes mate that keep threatening to engulf me. Not to mention that Im obsessed with the dishes. I do em now even when they dont need doing. And I talk to them like they've got feelings. I're a fuckin cunt medium sized saucepan with your dried shank soup on the hard to get too lip. Yeh?!...You wanna conceal your germy little self from me do ya? Yeh...?! Well how do you fancy being scrubbed to the bejusus with old stinky steel wool?? Ha! How do you like that? Yeh thats right Isaw Isonn leaves no dish unwashed. He fuckin wins.

What's that keys? You dont wanna hang up properly? Ill fuckin throw you hard into the couch mate and muffle ya cries.

Gotta get some milk? Took a short cut only to be cut off by traffic? What? What the...? Was that dude lookin at me laughin cos he knows I got trapped by the traffic. Ill fuckin chase ya down and scream at ya with wild eyes. Hey?! Scream at ya, ya crazy lookin critter.

Ahhh fuck it you win mate. Every way I turn there's some fuckin element, inanimate object waitin to give me a hard time.

Ive had it.

I really have.

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