Friday, March 5, 2010

The sting within

I do not want to be a killjoy. I do not.

For it is Friday afternoon. Friday afternoon is where bitches and bastards get together and celebrate what has been a shit week by planning to go get loaded, waist all the cash they have slaved for, only to come back on Monday, starved, dehydrated and lost, having sold their soul to the dark one many times over.....

Friday afternoon is better than it's night and Saturday night put together. Is it not? It is.

But this Friday afternoon Bombed Village and Isaw Isonn are not celebrating. They are hurting. Hurting from the sting within.

The sting within.

A pain that is sharedth is a pain worth knowing (Alsatius, circa:1739)

Knock over a can for us will ya?

Hey BV?

Fuck it mate. Im gettin loaded to the nines.....

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