Monday, February 14, 2011

Nightclubs, mum and Mariah Carey

My mum, when she broke up with my dad started going to nightclubs. It was physically
painful for me. To know that whilst I was smashing hotdogs from Mr. Stengles outside
of Jooce on Maroondah Hwy that my ma could be heading home in a taxi with her friends and
see me waitng out front arguing with bouncers to let me in with my Blunny's on pleading that no they weren't steal caps
ya fat prick, now let me in or Im gunna spend the next 4 hours hanging around the back trying to find my way in through the gym's back door.
It's a waste of your resources man.... What's it gunna be?

Like I said. Physically painful. All of it

Anyhow, at the same time, one of mum's friends gave her this CD
and the front cover had the body of Mariah Carey on it and my Ma's head cut out poorly and pasted on.
Kerry's mix. On it was such gems as....ahhhh shit I cant remember what they were but it was a mix of
faux - inspirational tunes calling out to women to stand up to your man and dont take no for an answer. I dont know...
M People, Ace of Base, Mariah....90's.

Anyways....the CD lives down at our holiday house and the other day I put it on when noone was home.

Totally lost my shit to it.

All that she wants, here's another baby, she's gone tomorrow....

And so on.

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