Monday, February 14, 2011

Shelley Short at SMR

Sunday Feb 20th Shelley Short brings her absorbing, insightful tunes all the way from Portland, Oregon to the carpark out the back of Smiley Mcslidey. It’ll be her only Melbourne show.
It's confirmed there will be a barbecue, rumoured there'll be a skate ramp and if summer pulls it's finger out, a splendid day for you and I both.
Coffee is across the road at New Day Rising, and Shelley will be supported by Gary Olsen (ex Ladybug Transistor with a legend studded local backing band) Lower Plenty and The Sinking Tins, both of whom are northern suburbs residents and contain members of other bands you love.
So if you want to pop on your crocs and block half a lane of Blythe St with your Mazda 4WD, fuck off down to Ceres...otherwise come here. From middayish.

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