Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Perfect Bong Song

Im all about smoking giant cones at the minute.

Cant stop talking about it.
Every time I go to speak, I just mention
sucking down haystackers, blowing all night on bongs.

I havent touched one in years and if I did Id green out and find the nearest
fruit bowl to chunder quietly and shamefully into.

Yeh...I remember once at this party near the Lilydale train line (that's all I got)
where Id sucked down a giant one to impress a boy that had girls eyes, I went
all fuckin wobbly and sunk deep into my own brain and started screaming at the boy-girl
until a number of party goers carried me outside and left me to regather myself in the agapanthas...

Turns out all Id smoked was grass cuttings....Literally

Anyway bongs are not for me. But it's all about the rhetoric...

What re you doing tonight mate?

Fuckin going to the cubby and suckin down big cones all night bro.

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