Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pop Up Shop For Hire

Smiley Mcslidey is a pop up shop in East Brunswick.

Positioned right on the corner of Blythe and Nicholson Sts, opposite 3RRR and the very last stop on the 96 tram... it's positioned
perfectly for whatever you want it to be.

Yep. Smiley Mcslidey is a plain white room for hire.

Need to sell some shit? Wanna have a 24 hr tattoo shop?
Launch a calendar? Sell some jeans you made?
Show off some furniture you whipped up?
Flog some art you got a grant for? Have a little performance?
Stand still overnight for passers by? Have a garage sale?
Test your latest muffins on the public?
Project multi media images onto the front window like everyone else?

Shit, anything... Anything you want. For fuck all cash you can get your self a very sweet little space.

For bookings, rates and more info email smileymcslidey@gmail.com
It's how they do business. Indirectly.

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